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Luddites will be closed for summer vacation from the 2nd of August until the 17th of August. We'll be back on the 18th!

Luddites is bookstore, wine bar and a safe haven for people who want to evade the digital world, in pursuit of quietude or Bacchic bliss. Housed in a historic building in the center of Antwerp, we offer the largest selection of English books in the city, as well as a great selection of Dutch books. Hidden just up the stairs is a wine bar where customers can enjoy an exceptional but affordable glass of wine. Also on offer are book plus wine packages, events like board game nights and calligraphy classes, and whatever else we end up plotting.

Luddites is a project dreamed up by Richard Bolte and Jorien Caers on one dark, stormy night. We think was also the Ides of March or something—but, like, in October of 2018. After more than a year of planning, renovating and deciding we're never ever coming near a can of paint again, Luddites officially opened its doors on the 5th of March 2020.

Luddites is not a French word and is not pronounced like “crudités.” Luddites believed in Luddism and claimed to be followers of Ned Ludd, a largely fictional character probably based on King Lud of Britain, who was also largely fictional. Thus, it is pronounced luh-daits, just like supporters of King James II’s claim to the throne were called Jacobites (ja-kub-baits).


The Luddites were an English secret society, probably founded in Nottinghamshire, of textile workers whose heyday was in the early 19th Century. They (rightfully) thought that the growing use of machinery in the textile industry was rendering their skills redundant. Their solution? Sneak in, undetected, to textile mills at night and break the machines. In addition, they also wrote poems, songs, and threatening letters to factory owners. As mentioned in the pronunciation section, their name comes from the fact that they claimed to be followers of Ned (or General or Captain) Ludd, a somewhat mythological figure from the late 18th Century who was said to be the first worker to break the machinery in a factory at which he worked. The Luddites themselves became such a nuisance that, in 1812, the British Parliament passed the Frame-Breaking Act, which made it a capital felony (and thus punishable by death) to break the stocking frames in textile mills.

Those were the origins of the term, but today it is more loosely applied to anyone who is opposed to the introduction of new technology, which brings you to us: in the same vein, we want our bookstore and wine bar to be a bulwark against the tidal wave that is the Information Age. Come in; grab a book; enjoy a glass of wine, and join the counter-revolution!



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Signeersessie Arnoleon, Floor Denil, Frommelrommel en Niet Nu Laura

Cartoonisten Arnoleon, Frommelrommel, Floor Denil en Niet Nu Laura zullen op zaterdag 5 juni in onze bar hun nieuwste creaties komen signeren: de FEESTbox en de BAALbox. Ze zullen ook hun eigen boeken signeren.

De FEESTbox en BAALbox zijn twee prachtige boxen, met telkens 30 kaartjes, 10 mini-boekjes en bijhorende enveloppes. Voor alle leuke en minder leuke momenten in ’t leven.

Valt er iets te vieren? Een nieuw levensjaar, huis, lief, job, baby of huisdier? Eindelijk dat langverwachte diploma of rijbewijs gehaald? Dan kan je met de FEESTbox alvast de gepaste originele wensen versturen.

Loopt het allemaal wat minder vlot? Wil je sorry zeggen of iemand een hart onder de riem steken? Beterschap of sterkte wensen? In de BAALbox vind je kaartjes die je liever niet zou willen sturen, maar die ongetwijfeld deugd doen.

Leuk om in huis te hebben, nog leuker om op te sturen of cadeau te geven.

Andere titels van deze cartoonisten zullen ook beschikbaar zijn om te laten signeren.

Je kan je inschrijven via Eventbrite:


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Boekvoorstelling 'Dode bloemen leven forever' (VOLZET)

De Antwerpse lifestylejournalist Ringo Gomez-Jorge debuteert bij Manteau met 'Dode bloemen leven forever'. In een intieme setting (maximaal 7 bubbels van 4 personen) presenteert hij zijn eersteling in Luddites Books & Wine.

Schrijf je bubbel (maximaal 4 personen) nu in, want de plaatsen zijn beperkt. Deelname is gratis, inclusief één glas wijn (of ander drankje). Inschrijven doe je hier:

In 'Dode bloemen leven forever' maakt Ringo komaf met de fake wereld van vandaag. Hij doet dat op harde doch licht verteerbare wijze.

'Dode bloemen leven forever' is het autobiografische relaas van een lifestylejournalist die zijn habitat van de stedelijke, hippe middenklasse in haar blootje zet.

Het boek geeft niet alleen kritiek op de middenklasser met zijn first world-dromen en -problemen, het graaft eveneens diep. Angst, luiheid en escapisme maar evengoed trends, hypes en het internet worden met veel zin voor humor neergesabeld.

'Dode bloemen leven forever' is rechttoe rechtaan en pretentieloos.

De boekpresentatie vindt plaats op dinsdag 29 juni 2021 om 19u. Deelname is gratis. Bovendien trakteren we je ook op een glas wijn (of ander drankje). Schrijf je bubbel (maximaal 4 personen) nu in:


Hopland 34, 2000 Antwerpen

Open Wednesday - Sunday: 11h00 - 20h00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Luddites will be closed for summer vacation from the 2nd of August until the 17th of August. We'll be back on the 18th!